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Getting Started With Webmention and NextJS

October 03, 2020

An overview of setting up Webmention on a NextJS site to collect comments from across the decentralized social web (i.e., Twitter, GitHub, Pinterest, Reddit) in a centralized place.

Understanding Reduce in JavaScript

March 29, 2020

This article will walk through various ways to use ES6 reduce to map, filter and construct objects from arrays.

Automating File Creation With JavaScript

January 29, 2020

This article walks through how to use plop a micro-generator to generate new text-based files.

How to Add Search Functionality to a Gatsby Blog

November 26, 2019

This tutorial will walk through how to create functionality to allow users to filter posts on a Gatsby site by description, title and, tags.

Less JavaScript Makes Font Awesome More Awesome

November 09, 2019

Recently, I looked into tackling a rendering issue with Font Awesome fonts used on this site by removing JavaScript...

Grey's Anatomy Lorem Ipsum Generator Tutorial

June 02, 2019

This tutorial is going to walk through how to create a Grey’s Anatomy or other-themed Lorem Ipsum generator with React and Netlify Functions

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