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Here's a glimpse at some of the software and hardware I currently use day to day for web development and other festivities. If you'd like to know what technology I used on previous iterations of this site check out this site's archive.

Code Editor »

Code Editor
  • Visual Studio Code, a text editor
  • Git Lens, Quickly glimpse into whom, why, and when a line or code block was changed
  • Material Icon Theme, displays Material Design icons for different file types
  • Horizon, a beautifully warm dual theme for Visual Studio Code (pictured)
  • Night Owl, sometimes I use Night Owl which is a beautiful theme fine-tuned to be accessible and provide meaningful contrast.
  • Dank Mono, a rather special coding font
  • Power Mode, adds animations that appear while typing in VSCode

Terminal »

  • Terminal, built-in MacOS
  • Integrated Terminal, built-in VS Code
  • Yoncé, a Queen Bey inspired BashIt theme

Hardware »

This site was built with </> »

Miscellaneous »

  • YNAB, a life-changing budgeting app (get a free month when signing up via my link)
  • Bear, a simple note taking app
  • Spotify, play Whitney Houston on repeat
  • Scanner Pro, scan documents on the go
  • Calendly, avoid having another scheduling conflict again

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